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Essential component of satisfaction in life

How many times you want to change something in your life but you just don't know what exactly? How often do you start new things and don't finish them? Do you feel stagnation in professional life but you can't precise in which direction you should go?  

If you know what incentivises you and which impulses guide you, you can bring out the most efficient and long-term use of your own skills. This allows you to discover and understand your natural talent and potential which can be derived from the individual value system. Motivational Profiling is a scientifically validated, standardised assessment of what motivates you, both in personal and private life. It is the first diagnostic tool that describes human motivation. Unlike other personality tests, Motivational Profiling does not study behaviour but explains how and why a certain behaviour can be observed. 

It was developed on the basis of empirical research by the team led by Professor Steven Reiss of Ohio State University and is called Reiss Motivation Profile. This method allows conscious and unconscious needs to be identified. The satisfaction of these needs is the basis for a successful and fulfilling private and work life. Motivational Profiling is applicable wherever detailed knowledge of the mechanisms of motivation is necessary for success, especially in career development, team management and coaching. This method defines 16 basic desires that make our lives meaningful. The desires give you a new way of analysing your behaviour because when you learn the 16 basic desires, you can figure out how your behaviour and life goals are connected to them. Each of us experience all of these 16 basic desires but for each of us they have a different meaning. This gives us the basis to build a happy and fulfilling life, both professional and personal. Motivational Profile helps us answer the following questions:

  • How can you successfully motivate yourself to action?
  • How to plan a roadmap and career path?
  • How can you improve understanding of your business or life partner?

But also...

  • How to effectively manage relationships at work?
  • How to motivate others?
  • How to build strong and efficient team collaboration?

Our basic desires are universal, scientifically accepted impulses that motivate us to action and define our individual personality. Those are:

  • Power - The desire to influence and lead others.
  • Independence - The desire for self-reliance.
  • Acceptance - The desire for approval.
  • Vengeance - The desire to get even and win.
  • Order - The desire for order, organisation and stability.
  • Status - The desire for social standing.
  • Honour - The desire to be loyal to moral values and principles.
  • Curiosity - the desire for knowledge and thinking.
  • Saving - The desire to collect things.
  • Social contacts - The desire for companionship.
  • Idealism - The desire for social justice.
  • Eating - The desire for food.
  • Physical activity - the desire to exercise muscles.
  • Family - The desire to have family and raise own child.
  • Beauty - The desire for beauty in all things and processes.
  • Tranquillity - The desire for emotional calmness.

Basis of Happiness

As a human being we're striving to fulfil our desires of high value. Understanding ourselves and our own motivators can be the key element in building satisfying and happy professional and personal life. By using Motivational Profiling at work, you can more easily manage your people and lead them towards better results. The key to success is knowing the individual value system that drives employees. This enables you to change the method of communication and delegate tasks and objectives accordingly so that they are compatible with these values. Only when these values called motivators are fulfilled, the work will become more satisfying to employees. They will feel more motivated, more committed and effective.

Motivational Profiling in your private life raises the quality of your life because your desire profile affects how you communicate with other people. You may find that you communicate instinctively and fluidly with people whose desire profiles are similar to yours. But your desires can also create an invisible wall that leads to miscommunication between you and those with different motivators. The idea that compatibility is the key to a successful relationship is an old, established principle of marriage counselling and partnership.

Your desire profile shows the priorities you may follow in order to find long-lasting, deep happiness and fulfilment. Satisfying your most important desires can help you experience life as meaningful, bringing a sense of deep satisfaction that is beyond pleasure and pain. Even when you do not reach your most important goals in life, the act of striving can make your life meaningful and satisfying. Motivational Profiling lets you know yourself better and as a one of the most powerful coaching tool helps you build life you dream about. 



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